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Crystal Temple

Take a long moment to feel the others who are with you in the Arcturian Corridor…

Connect your Soul with their Soul and feel the unconditional love, infinite light and calm peace flowing through every one of you …

Daily Life

Take a long moment to fill your heart with all the beings (human and non-human, third dimensional and beyond) that have shared your journey…

Channel the feelings of unconditional love, infinite light and calm peace flowing from the Crystal Temple into your grounded self and then out to all those who have shared your journey…

Share with Gaia

Take a long moment to remember all your experiences in Gaia’s beautiful Nature…

Channel your gratitude for these moments into Gaia and all her inhabitants…

To continue our journey, envision your self in front of the two giant Golden Doors at the exit of this Crystal Temple. You have been here before, which you will more easily remember as you more completely awaken your multidimensional memory.

See the huge Golden Doors as they open before you. The doors appear golden because gold is the color of pure joy. In your world, many have sought gold in hopes of finding wealth in a material fashion. But did that wealth give them joy? Joy is not a reward for accumulation. Joy is a state of consciousness.

When your consciousness is filled with joy, your aura becomes golden, because you have acknowledged that your consciousness is your only eternal treasure. In order for you to cross the threshold of these Golden Doors, you will need to accept and surrender to the pure joy that emanates from them. Close your inner eyes and focus your intention on opening your unlimited mind and unconditionally loving heart. Yes, it is only with an open mind and loving heart that you canaccept pure JOY.

Allow the JOY to surround you…

Surrender to the JOY…

You are ready NOW to cross the threshold…

Surrender to the threshold…

Fall into the threshold…

As you cross the threshold, you find yourself in the form of a Phoenix Bird, the harbinger of a new era, floating in a sky of infinity. Just as a sea gull hovers in the sky, wings spread wide, patiently awaiting the smoothest and swiftest air current, you, too, hover, wings spread wide, patiently awaiting the highest frequency to pull you into its current. You feel the soft breeze of love and joy as it caresses your feathers of light.

The view from here is magnificent. Below, you can see all that you have ever been and how far you have traveled in your many third dimensional experiences. You can also see your many fourth dimensional experiences in which you followed your Spiritual Path Home. Yes, you have been a brave and tenacious Spiritual Warrior for myriad incarnations.

You have fallen many times, but somehow you have gotten back up, brushed off your knees and continued on your journey Home to SELF.

You know that your experiences in the these worlds are not yet complete, for from this perspective you can easily see the loose ends you wish to tie up and responsibilities you want to complete.

However, with that realization, a quiet breeze whispers into your ear, “Dear One, raise these final touches into the resonance of the ONE, to more easily be fulfilled.” This voice holds such love, joy and peace that you try to find it, but it is everywhere. How can love, joy and peace be everywhere when you have tenaciously sought them your entire life, and experienced them only fleetingly? In that instant of doubt, you start to fall.
Fortunately, you remember you are a bird and instinctively flap your wings. Taking a long breath, you relax into the feel of love, peace, and joy and continue to wait for the current to pull you into its Flow.

Slowly, the cares and conflicts of the lower worlds again disappear from your awareness. You choose, instead, to focus on waiting for the Flow.

The sky around you is sweet and clear. Beneath you is your favorite landscape. Yes, Gaia is the most beautiful Mother anyone could have.

You confirm your commitment to take Her with you. Pulling the memories of your many experiences in Her wondrous Nature into your heart, your mind calms. You feel the solidarity of a redwood tree within the family of its ancient forest and the strength of a mountain peak within a vast mountain range. You are a single cloud and the entire sky, the quiet of a still, small pond, and the roar of a surging ocean.

Between the ocean and the sea, you are pulled toward their point of unity. Gently you allow the sky and the sea to engulf you as you follow their calming motion. As you do so, you feel yourself becoming the ocean and being the sky. You surrender to the sensation of flowing with the currents of air, and the waves of the sea.

As you relax into the JOY of flowing with the current, you see the Sun peeking above the horizon. Is it rising or setting? Perhaps, it is simultaneously sunrise and sunset, for you are both releasing the old and embracing the new. You approach the Sun and feel the glow of unconditional love warming your heart and the promise of change awakening your mind. Like a bird caught in an updraft, your consciousness soars beyond time and space into the infinite ONE of the fifth dimension.

With the joy of a long-awaited homecoming, you embrace those whom you have missed, remembered and even forgotten. They are all here NOW in the ONE. The many expressions of your SELF within your myriad excursions into the physical worlds surround you like the stars in the night-sky. You greet them like beloved family members with whom you wish to share the memories of your long journey into matter. You are a great messenger who has returned from a long journey with news of all that you have experienced. You contribute your wealth of memories to the ONE and feel all the memories of the many individuated bodies of light that warmly greet you.

As you look around you, you discover that the reality you thought you had left surrounds you still, but it now glistens in the light of the fifth dimension. You bask in this reality where you feel only love, peace and joy. You have graduated from the need to learn through conflict. In the NOW, you realize that you are amultidimensional being and do not need to sacrifice one reality to experience another. Therefore, you know that even when you return to the lower worlds, you will feel the fifth dimension around and inside you.

In fact, it is you multidimensionality that you will share with Gaia as you ground your great light into Her planet and your physical reality.

You are ready to return, for now you know that you have never left—you have only forgotten.

Firmly, you decree that forever and ever, you will remember your true, multidimensional SELF, who is the Core of your Being. You know that within the challenges of your daily life you may forget, but simultaneously, you know that you WILL remember.
To facilitate this memory, take a moment to experience your SELF in your Merkaba form.

The downward facing pyramid is your feminine, earthbound form of matter and the upward facing pyramid is your masculine form in Spirit.

In the middle, where male and female meet, is your High Heart, the holder of your ATMA, your Three Fold Flame of Life. Gently, yet firmly, deposit your multidimensional memory of SELF into your ATMA.

Program your consciousness NOW that whenever you are in danger of forgetting your SELF, you will spontaneously touch your High Heart (just above your Heart Chakra) to activate your memory of your

Ever-present life in the fifth dimension!

Dear Ones,

We shall return, for we will never leave,

The Arcturians

Posted 13th October 2011 by Shanti

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Conversations With a Light Worker


Conversations with a Lightworker

Part 1

Sue: What a year this has been so far. Why don’t you tell me what’s going on with you.

Light Worker: You know that’s really a very good question. I don’t know what’s going on with me. Lately it’s gotten better but it’s like I don’t really know. I almost feel like I’m lost. I don’t know. Am I going crazy?

I guess I’m looking for something to prove that I’m not going crazy. Like I said in my email, I don’t really have any one single goal. I guess I want to talk to somebody or do something to know that I’m not crazy.

S: Yes, well I think you’re with the right person, but I have those same questions, so maybe you’re not. [Laughter] At least we’re going crazy together. Okay, how’s that?

L: Exactly, exactly, exactly.

S: Oh wow – I know.

L: It really hit me. In one of your Webinars, one of the first things you started to say is that you wondered if you were going crazy, and that was exactly what my thoughts were.

S: Yes, I know. Our big challenge is that we really have to step out of that third-dimensional thinking because if we don’t go into our multi-dimensional thinking and get the “big picture” our consciousness will really drop. Unfortunately, there are so many people that don’t have that option. They don’t even know there is such a thing as multi-dimensional thinking.

I know that I’ve been doing a lot of actually “living multi-dimensional lives,” which is exhausting the heck out of me. I’ve been doing all of these webinars, and I’ve been working with getting my website switched over to a new website, and I’ve been editing book three while I’m writing book four. It goes on and on, so I have been thinking that I have been doing too much, which is true of course. But my guess is that if I was doing nothing I would still experience a lot of those feelings because the energy is so intense and so high now. Do you want to start off and you can ask some questions for the Arcturians? I don’t know that I have the answers for you.

Also, I think what’s happening here is that more and more we are stepping into our higher expression of SELF. Therefore, our little human expression is quite overwhelmed by that experience. As stressful as the 3D has always been, we’ve had myriad, myriad lives as 3D. Now we’ve had myriad lives as galactics too, but we haven’t had access to that while we’ve been in our little clay shell here.

This is amongst one of the few lives, even though we’ve had other lives when we were highly spiritual people and we did highly spiritual things, we would only move into the fourth dimension. That was about as far as we could go. There really wasn’t an option then to move beyond the fourth dimension earth. Even when I started studying in the 1970’s with my first spiritual teacher, as well as with all the Indian (India) and other ancient traditions, when they’re talking about Heaven, they’re talking about the spiritual plane of the fourth dimension.

They didn’t even know there was a 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th – they had no idea. And the fourth dimension is basically the aura of Earth and our Aura. So it’s not really any kind of heaven, it’s just our Astral body. And, our Astral body is not our Light body. Probably a great many people are still unaware of the fifth dimension and beyond.

When I started my site in 1996, if you searched for “multidimension,”you’d get me and multimedia. Who knew what multidimensional meant? There was no such thing. Now, I’m sure if you googled multi-dimensions you’d probably get a lot. You’d get a lot of me, but you’d get a lot of other multidimension this and that as well.

Since my human self is not beyond your human self, let’s start with me going into the Arcturians and you asking me some questions. But first, the Arcturians wanted me to tell you what happened with me yesterday. Okay?

Yesterday, I hit the curb – psychically, and I called a friend and said help! How do we do this? It’s so fast. Everything is going so fast now inside of us, but we look outside the window and it’s like the world always was – isn’t it? So our biggest problem is our doubt. Because we look outside and we are not seeing Star Ships flying around, we’re not seeing people levitating. We are not seeing beautiful fields and people teleporting.

We are seeing freeways and traffic and smog. We are not yet calibrated to perceive that frequency. I was finishing editing Book 3, and I got how amazing Book 3 really is. But, it ends with the Ascension of the Pleiades and what happened is what’s happening now. However, wrote that book over a year ago, which was validating.

In the book, The Pleiadian people Ascended, but they didn’t know they Ascended because they hadn’t adapted to their multi-dimensional perceptions yet. Therefore, their collective reality was still as a third-dimensional world. Then, there’s this whole group process that they had to go through before they could get enough Unity Consciousness to perceive what had actually already occurred.

When one person’s perception of reality began to shift, they could help other people to get to the place that they, too, could expand their perceptions. Then when they could expand their perceptions they could see that they actually were a Lightbody.

I sure I’m a Lightbody, I’m sure you’re a Lightbody. But we just see this physical core in the middle of a Lightbody. Let’s take a minute and calibrate our perceptions to see that Lightbody around us. I’m going to call in the Arcturians for this part.


A: Begin by feeling your earthen core. And you feel your core that is of a third-dimensional resonance. How do you experience that third-dimensional resonance of yourself?

L: That’s a good question. How do I experience it? I don’t have an answer. It’s somewhat heavy and slow. Those are the two words that I would use to describe it.

A: First your human self said, “That’s a good question.” Through your 3D perceptions you could only experience your 3D self. But then when you said, “How do ‘I’ experience it?” you flipped into a higher self and you said: “It’s somewhat heavy and slow.” When you are inside of your physical body, are you heavy? Do you walk around slowly?

L: No.

A: What you just did then is that you looked at yourself from that higher perspective didn’t you?

L: Right.

A: From that higher perspective, imagine that you are a Lightbody. From that perspective feel how heavy your physical form is.

L: Right.

A: Experience how slooooww it is. If you want to go anywhere, you have to walk or run or get in a car and drive or take a plane. Now let’s do the same thing with your reality. Of course as we are talking, someone is in a truck backing up and going beep, beep, beep. So we are always invaded by some unnecessary noise aren’t we?

L: Right

A: What else do you experience as you look into that physical reality?

L: Well what comes to mind is that there are always harmonic vibrations that are always being projected at us, such as the news, people and noise. Everything is always being projected at us, is what I feel.

A: Yes. There are all these right angle energy fields. So the energy field hits a wall and then it separates out and squirts all over. This is similar to if you threw something at a wall, it would either crack the wall or crack the thing that you threw at the wall. But the wall and the thing you threw at it wouldn’t blend into each other because they are separate – aren’t they?

L: Yes.

A: Now let’s take a moment and look at energy fields that converge at 120 degrees angles. Don’t they always do wiring at 120 degrees?

L: I’m not familiar with that.

S/A: (sue and Arcturian blended) If you wired electricity at 90degree angles that would create a short, but at 120 degrees the energies can blend into each other, like two rivers blending into one.

Now feel the difference in your physical self how something coming from a right angle would feel like two separate things bumping into each other. Now, let’s go into our Lightbody. As soon as I said that I felt the Kundalini just flash up my spine. Have you been feeling the Kundalini going up and down your spine lately?

L: Yes, and one of the questions I have to ask is that at night I’m always dreaming of snakes. And I know that snakes represent the Kundalini as well as fear, as so many are afraid of snakes. I wanted to ask, “What is the fear that I want to release?”

S: Well, let’s ask you. Go inside of yourself. The snake dreams could be fears and/or they could be about your rising Kundalini. I had an experience a long time ago, before any Kundalini was rising. I think it came to me for a reason. There are a lot of snakes in California. We were out in the woods and having an outside art class. We found a tree and put our blanket down by the tree and spent the whole day there.

We both did two or three pictures. It was really wonderful. At the end of the time I was picking up all of my stuff and I saw a snake two feet from where we were sitting. The rattlesnake was wrapped around the tree as it was shedding its skin and was rubbing up against the tree to help shed the skins. I thought, wow!

When we have snakes like that, that’s an initiation. The Native American’s believe that when animals come into our reality that there’s an initiation with it and you are often given your medicine. There is dear medicine and snake medicine and crow medicine and all the different animals give you a different initiation and different medicine/power.

Think about all of these snake dreams as initiations. Allow yourself to go into one of these dreams. Let one of these dreams to come forward and go into it so that you perceive the snake and experience the fear. Even if you just imagine it right now, it doesn’t matter. It’s all you working with your inner self.

How are you experiencing this snake?

L: What comes to mind is that there were snakes all over, even on my arm and I can’t remember the particular – but a fear of moving.

S: The snakes are moving. They are actually live snakes and they are crawling on your body?

L: Yes and they are all around me and my arm is stuck down and I even have a snake in my hand and it’s a fear of moving anywhere. If I move they will strike me.

S: There are two parts to this: There are many cultures in which it is an initiation to enter into a snake pit. Snakes don’t eat people. They only respond to human’s fear. I’ve had several experiences where I was directly next to a rattlesnake. One time it was even coiled.

I was a teenager and I had no fear. I don’t know why. Maybe I was too stupid to have fear. I don’t know why. I walked within a foot of it and it didn’t attack. Then unfortunately I went and told my father and he went and killed it - and I went – oh no! I’m responsible for this snake’s death, and it was so nice to me.

So, before you answer on a human level, go in to the reality in which you are having this initiation. Allow yourself to travel thru these past, parallel, alternate realities of yourself and what are you experiencing?

L: Just a wave of energy.

S: How does that wave of energy feel?

L: It’s like a bubble and it’s difficult to explain what direction it’s coming from. It’s almost like it’s coming from the inside and from the outside like waves that are moving in both directions, as well as moving through each other.

S: Now when these waves are coming from the inside and outside are they at right angles, are they 120 degree angles?

Lyle: They are at 90 degree angles.

S: If they are at 90 degree angles to each other they must have a degree of fear then.

L: Right.

S: Can you change the angle of the external energy and the internal energy and make sure that they meet at a 120 degree angle so that they can blend?

L: All right.
S: Are they blended now?
L: Yes and they are going away.

S: What’s going away?

L: The waves. Rather than coming in and hitting each other, they are blending and going off to the side.

S: What are the snakes doing when the energy field is blended with the environment, as well as with your inner and outer world?

L: They fade out. There isn’t the fear. They are docile and they become less prevalent.

S: Let’s just look at this as a metaphor for daily life and then we will go into seeing what this is. I have a feeling that this is definitely an initiation from a power life that would be good for you to bring forward. Okay?

In daily life the snakes represent all the snakes we have to deal with. Right? That person’s really a snake. When our inner life is at odds, butting against all of the external energies, we become bait and we become vulnerable. Then the snakes can get us.

The quickest way to deal with this challenge, and we often did it without realizing, is to wrap our selves in Unconditional Love. Then we are in the energy field of Unconditional Love. This energy field will often allow the Kundalini to flash up our spines to assist us to recalibrate us to the higher energies.

Feel the energies of unconditional love and the rising kundalini to blend. Feel how this energy field is like a warm blanket. Can you feel that?

L: Yes.

S: The snakes, the hassles of life – what happened?

L: The same --- disappearing. One snake is still on my hand.

S: There’s still one in your hand?

L: Yes [laughing]

S: Okay, make friends with it – and send that snake Unconditional Love. Ask it: why is it there? The snake is a very good harbinger because, you know, a snake is the Kundalini.

L: You know as you say that and the snake is in my hand. It’s like I’m holding it but it’s not --- it can’t harm me. It’s more like it is wanting me to use it. It’s in my hand and I’m holding it.

S: It can’t harm you or it won’t harm you? Do you see the difference in those two statements?

L: It can’t harm me. I don’t know that it won’t harm me.

S: The “can’t harm you” means that you won’t let it. But you’re still in a separate conflict oriented relationship. But if you think that it “won’t harm me,” then you trust it. Now knowing that the world can’t harm me because you are not going to let it mess with you, is a fully different manner of thinking and walking through reality then thinking that it won’t harm me.

L: Right

S: When you think that reality won’t harm us, we are in cooperation with reality and reality is in cooperation with us. Both reality and US, our self and our reality, are both wanting to ascend to a higher frequency.

L: Right

S: Then we move into that state of consciousness in which we are in a living in cooperation with our perceivably external reality. However, we also know full well that WE are the holographic projector that is projecting our reality from inside of us and out into the illusion of the hologram through which we are moving. Can you feel that?

L: It takes a while. Okay.

S: Envision yourself as a holographic projector. Now, project your holographic image of the reality you WANT to experience out through your High Heart and Third Eye. But, before you turn on your projector you want to make sure that you know what thoughts are being projected out via your Third Eye, and what emotions are being projected out via your High Heart.
This awareness of our own thoughts and emotions is vital, because when we go into 5D New Earth every thought and emotion is instantly manifest. What is it that you want to manifest right now?
L: To back up a minute, I see in my own life where I have a tendency to think that it is me against the world, as this world will harm me. I really love the thought that it’s not me working against something.

S: Yes, exactly. That is the 3D holographic model of comparison, competition, judgment and conflict.

L: Right.

S: From a third-dimensional standpoint you get an idea. Then we have to figure out how to make that idea work. But we know that our emotions are very important because if we go into thinking, “ I can’t do it. It’s too hard.” And we have the emotion of fear and self-pity, it will not occur, will it?

L: No.

S: However, if our emotions are, “I can do this, I will do this, I feel confident with myself that I can create this in my life.” Then it happens, doesn’t it?

L: Yes, you figure out a way. There is a way that pops out at you. I’ve experienced this before.

S: Yes, it pops right out at us. It’s so good. I am so happy that I am having this discussion with you because I’m getting so many answers for me too. The answer that I am getting is that I have gone into work martyr. I’ve been doing really a lot, and I’ve gone into work martyr. But, I think I’ve got the cart before the horse. I think that I went into work martyr because I was doing too much. In reality, I went into work martyr and that made it feel like too much.

L: I’ve got to think about that one.

S: I’ve got to think about it too. I get into the “too much” martyr mode. The Arcturian and Pleiadian SELF say, “Too much is a third-dimensional concept that can only be created through third-dimensional thinking which is limited to time and space.” However, when we are speaking in terms of our Multidimensional SELF, we have parallel alternate multidimensional realities all occurring at the same time.
Think about how many parallel realities we are living right now.

We will return soon for Part 2

* * *

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