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Heavenletter #4839: The Presence and the Power

Posted on Feb 23, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in Gloria Wendroff, Heavenletters
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Sunny Blue Sky

Channeled by Gloria Wendroff
Published on: February 23, 2014

God said:

If you were to sit down with Me today, and you had twenty-five words or less to say to Me, what would you say?
I will tell you something. You might prepare twenty-five words, and, when your turn came, you would say something else! Because I live, shall We say, in the moment, you would be relegated to the words or no words that would come out of your mouth. You can prepare before and after, yet, at the moment with Me, only spontaneity can arise.
Of course, you might sit before Me without words, for the sitting with Me might be all you would want. You just might want to relish the Silence with Me, and, no longer would words rise from you. You might find yourself delving deeply into My heart. You might dive into My heart. You might swim in My heart in perfect harmony.
You might just sit and look at Me with your heart.
Beloveds, there would be no need for words because in Oneness you would be.
This is the simpleness of Our engagement. None of the things that matter would matter any more. What would you ask and what would you tell – you might want to just sit together with Me. Words would leave you. Questions would leave you. Comments would leave you. You might not think of anything.
You would have entered Eternity and Infinity. What words could compare?
You would not even think of going on a tour with Me, for the Silence We would share would be enough. Be enough? You would be so immersed in Oneness that there would be nothing else. Nothing else would exist. Existence would exist. You would be enthralled yet not conscious of being enthralled. You would know saneness at the very moment you would lose your mind and know your capacity for love. You do not love with your mind, beloveds.
The heart would reign. Love would not be a personal thing. Love would be Silence and Vastness and Oneness and all the other things love can be called, and, yet, you would have no name for love. You would be out of names, out of the layer that calls for names. You would be nameless. You would not even be able to say the name God.
You would be One with Me, and, therefore, We would be One. There would be no otherness. There would be no noise. There would be the incomparable fullness of Oneness which is empty of description. There would be no need for description or conversation or anything at all but the immutability of Nothingness.
There would not be the words to ponder this Everythingness of Nothingness and Oneness and the Silence and the Vastness and Love, Supreme Love, just there, rather here, so complete that there would be nothing to say nor a reason to say anything at all. Which of you could open your mouth? You would be so powerful you could not open it. Words would not come even if you could open your mouth. There would be no thoughts to think about. For the first time in your life, you would be question-less.
No one would want to slip from this wonderful Nothingness in order to say a word. Speaking would be like digging a tunnel, and why would you want to? With such great Presence and Power, you would be powerless to leave, not even for a moment. Furthermore, you would never have the thought to leave. You wouldn’t have to tell anyone. You wouldn’t shout. You wouldn’t whisper. You would be in awe, yet awe would not exist either. You would be, beloveds. You would be, and you would know only Beingness, and thrive, so to speak, in Beingness within which there is no speech.

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