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▶ Orientación Espiritual Su frecuencia es más necesaria que nunca junio 24 - SIENDO ARCTURIANO - Parte V ::: sharing

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▶ Orientación Espiritual Su frecuencia es más necesaria que nunca junio 24 - YouTube

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Spiritual Guidance: Your Frequency is Needed More Than Ever
Jun24 by Wes Annac

Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness
You can each tap into the soul-level guidance being happily and lovingly sent your way from the higher realms, and in doing so, you’ll see that you have nothing to worry about or be in concern over.

The mind works very hard to convince you that you should constantly stress and worry about finite things of unimportance, but to listen to it is to hold yourselves back and keep yourselves from unlocking the greater spiritual truths and revelations that your higher selves and guides have been waiting for you to unlock.

Understanding that you’re infinite souls who have the potential to completely transform the backward manner in which your society has and continues to function will open you up to your divinity and help you see your lives in all new ways, and you’re given a wealth of assistance with understanding and acting on this truth.

Your higher selves, guides, and the rest of the Company of Heaven work with you to help you understand your immense value and the incredible things you’re on your planet to do. You’re endlessly encouraged to empower yourselves with an understanding of your divinity, because if you don’t, nobody will.
Pure and Potent Work

If you don’t let yourselves understand just how powerful you are and just how able you are to change your planet, the rest of humanity will have a much more difficult time doing so than if you opened up and started helping them. Nobody can force you to recognize your power or divinity, and you don’t even need to force yourselves to.

All you need to do is settle into the realization and flow from there with as much divinely inspired work as possible. One of your purposes on the earth is to help as many others become aware of spirit as you can, and producing pure and potent work that comes from the heart is one of the best ways to do this.

Letting your hearts flow with the energy that translates into the work you do to help others become aware will increase the purity of this work, whereas working rigidly and sternly from the mind will distort your creations and make them harder to bring through.

Every act of creativity is really an act of flowing spiritual inspiration, and what we mean is that every creative thing you seek to do requires the divine, spiritually inspired flow. You can only do so much if you keep yourselves in a shallow, uninspired place, and you’re encouraged to inspire yourselves with projects and creative works that fill you with passion and the readiness to contribute to your new earth.

A lot of seekers think your new earth will require strenuous physical labor, but this isn’t so. Your new earth will require the difficult inner changes that a growing number of seekers are beginning to make, and there won’t be as much physical labor involved as there will be spiritual.

We’ve said this in the past, and we’ll continue to repeat it as long as the seekers who haven’t heard some of the things we’ve told you keep discovering our communications.

We repeat things for the purpose of helping newcomers understand them, and we can say something one day, only to find that our readership grew immensely the next. For this and plenty of other reasons, we repeat certain facts in an effort to get them out there as much as we can.

We have a lot to share with you, and you can pick up on our impressions within if you feel led to do so. We don’t discourage reading channeled messages, but the messages you read on the internet won’t ‘feel’ nearly as good as the messages you can receive from your soul self.

The higher selves and guides of each of you communicate with you in every moment, and all you need to do is open up to this communication to experience it and its greatest benefits.

You don’t need any physical labor or effort to connect with our energies and impressions, and in fact, subduing and moving beyond the influence of the mental, physical self is important if you want to connect with us in a real and pure way.

All you need to do is attune, dearest souls. All you need to do is live in love as much as you can, at the time of channeling and at all times, and the flow you seek will be there. You can each connect with spirit and enjoy the greater perception that results, and the more you seek to connect, the greater and purer your connection will become.

Those of you who are particularly interested in using your connection to help the conscious public can start picking up on us and publishing the resulting messages to your internet, and in doing so, you could potentially reach millions of fellow seekers who resonate with your messages and appreciate the vast library of material that’s available from every channel.
All Throughout History

We’ve spoken with humanity all throughout your history, and in various centuries and time periods, seekers have channeled us in hopes of gaining a greater glimpse into the mechanics of the universe and the higher dimensions you’re growing back into.

We happily offer our advice and energy to anyone who wants to pick up on us, and many seekers read our messages for a while before eventually connecting with us within. One of the main purposes of our communication with humanity is to help you pick up on us within and start channeling us – not necessarily publicly, but for your personal benefit.

You don’t have to publish any communications you channel from your higher self and guides, but opening up to the endless energy and information you’re being given will help you along your quest for enlightenment in myriad ways.

We encode our communications with a greater amount and purity of energy each time we speak through this or any other scribe, but you can only receive so much of this energy when you read our messages on the internet.

The best way to receive it is to connect with us within and, if you feel led to do so, use that connection to help others, and whether or not you help others with your connection, it’ll still help you immensely and make your ascension process much easier and more enjoyable to navigate.

Your process will become easier because you’ll realize that you have a constant link to the other side that you can pick up on and receive flowing energy and advice from. Nobody on your planet is excluded from the ability to pick up on the energies and impressions of the higher realms, and to convince yourselves otherwise is to keep yourselves from acting on your true potential.

Your potential as awakening starlights is much grander than we could express, and we’re doing everything we can to help you see and act on it so you can start helping others see and act on theirs.

Attuning to the constant stream of energy and advice you’re being given is only one of many ways you can act on your potential and start helping others, but a growing number of seekers are feeling led to channel our energies and impressions for the benefit of the conscious public and we certainly won’t turn these souls away.

Instead, we’ll happily connect with them and deliver every bit of flowing energy they desire, and we’ll encourage them and every other scribe to keep their channels open as much and as often as possible.

In doing so, you bring through increasingly pure energy that activates the minds and hearts of various souls on your planet, some of whom you would’ve never expected to awaken, and this energy is essential to the evolution of all of humanity.

If they wanted to, most of the conscious public could raise their vibration and ascend right away from the surface of your planet. Some seekers have, and they’ve made their way back to your planet to help humanity become aware of spirit in a greater way than they were before they experienced their ascension and came back.

The reason many seekers haven’t yet raised their vibration into the fifth dimension is because of the density accompanying your collective consciousness, which keeps them from doing so if they let it, as well as their conscious and subconscious desire to remain on your planet and help others evolve.

The density of your collective consciousness keeps many awakening seekers from reaching a vibration so pure that they can’t exist on your surface anymore, and likewise, many seekers have chosen to be on your earth for as long as they can before their vibration reaches too pure of a level and they ‘vanish’ from your surface.

Of course, they wouldn’t really ‘vanish’, but it’d seem as if they did because they’d be in a much higher and purer state of consciousness – a state of consciousness that’s unperceivable with human eyes.
The Glimpses You’re Able to Have

The physical body as it exists on your planet can’t exist in the higher realms (unless you choose to experience higher-dimensional life in a crystalline body), and likewise, a fifth and sixth-dimensional light/crystalline body can’t exist on your planet because its vibration is too high and it’d awe and amaze humanity too much.

The terms ‘awe and amaze’ don’t do justice to what a fifth or sixth-dimensional form would look like to humanity, and most people wouldn’t be able to un-see what they witnessed and would be very confused and set back as a result.

You can’t perceive anything you aren’t ready to perceive, and if you aren’t ready to see the glorious splendor of a higher-dimensional light body, you won’t. You will eventually, when your consciousness reaches the vibration where you’ll be comfortable witnessing it, but for now, you’ll have to be content with the glimpses you’re able to have into spirit.

We hope to offer as many of these glimpses as we can, and we hope to help all of you understand what the higher realms are like, even though they’re impossible to perceive from your perspective.

We can still offer you glimpses and insights into what these realms are like, but one of the reasons we communicate with you is to help you refine and lighten your vibration and sharpen your perceptual understanding so you can eventually reach these realms without feeling overwhelmed.

We want you to be ready and willing to re-reach the higher realms, and if you were to see something that’s too far outside your established paradigm, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the higher realms when you eventually made your way here.

Some of the more intense and amazing things that wait for you to witness them would be traumatizing to see from a third-dimensional point of view, and this is why we encourage you to work on lightening your vibration before delving too deeply into what the higher states of consciousness you’re reentering will be like.

The fourth dimension is much easier to perceive from a third-dimensional point of view than the fifth, and it’s still revolutionary and amazing to most of the souls who experience it. There are etheric wonders in the fourth dimension that are comprised entirely of spiritual matter, and there’s far, far less physicality than there is on the third-dimensional earth.

The first, second, and third dimensions contain the greatest amount of density and physicality, but first and second-dimensional souls still incarnate into their positions with an understanding of spirit. Many plants and animals are fully aware of spirit, and in some cases, they attempt to telepathically communicate with humanity and help you discover the divine wonders that sit all around.

Cats especially are endowed with a greater spiritual perception, but some cats are rooted in the perception of fourth density-negative. This can account for the particularly violent, angry, and territorial behavior some cats have come to be known for, but these traits don’t need to speak for the cat kingdom by far.

Cats are very ancient and spiritual creatures, and there’s a reason so many people, especially people who want to nurture and help something grow, are drawn to them. Cats who are aligned and attuned with the higher fourth-dimensional realms are, by their very nature, loving and compassionate beings, and many cats can and do attempt to telepathically communicate with their owners.
Limitless Receivers

You can communicate with the plant and animal kingdoms if you’re interested in doing so, because you’re limitless receivers of the wisdom and energy of every facet of consciousness around you and beyond.

You’re beautiful, spiritual beings who are comprised of pure Source energy, and realizing this is essential to finding and acting on your greater perception when the inspiration you seek runs dry. Inspiration never has to run dry in reality, but if you convince yourselves you’re limited beings who can’t fill yourselves back up to the brim with spiritual energy and inspiration, you’ll create this reality because you create what you empower.

If you empower the idea that you can constantly fill yourself with energy and produce pure and potent works as a result, then this is the reality you’ll manifest. Some creative people are involved in things that drain their natural energy, but they can replenish it if they choose and continue to be as creative and productive as they want to be.

Even when you’re in your most tired frame of mind and your physical body seems to have no energy left, you can fill yourselves with waves of spiritual energy. It might not translate very well if your physical body’s too tired, but it’ll be there nonetheless, waiting to be picked up on and used for a creative or progressive purpose.

As long as you can enjoy yourselves and your existence on the earth, everything else you seek to do will be done purely and naturally. Channeling is one of the most natural creative pursuits one can open up to, because again, you really don’t need to do anything except open up, be receptive, and attune to the energy and advice we’re offering.

You open up to a deeper part of yourself when you channel any entity or collective, and like we’ve said in the past, you connect with your higher self when you connect with a famous celestial entity who delivers information and energy that are intended to uplift.

You connect with the beings you intend to connect with, but your higher self plays a much bigger role in the process than many seekers realize. Your higher self does a lot for you when it comes to channeling, and directly channeling this entity is one of the greatest and most help things you can do for yourself, because your higher self knows you better than you know yourself.

This is because your higher self has already been you; has already experienced the things you’re experiencing and now exists in a higher state of consciousness, helping you find your way back to the fifth and sixth dimensions.

Attuning to the guidance of your higher self will help those of you who feel as if you have no greater or direct link to the higher realms, and we’ll make our final expressions for this communication with the reminder that your abilities are as limitless as you’re beginning to rediscover you are.

If you wanted to, you could work day and night, using your natural, creative energy to help others tap into the creative source that produces everything a spiritually inspired seeker brings into form. We don’t encourage burning yourselves out, but we absolutely encourage working as hard as you can to help others become aware and using the resulting greater perception to do even more.

You’re on the earth to help others as much as you can, so feel free to increase your work more than you would’ve ever thought possible. The idea of burning yourselves out is slightly illusory, but there’s truth to the idea that you have to let yourselves rest every now and then to replenish the natural energy you carry within.

Soon enough, this energy will be replenished constantly and everything you seek to do will be done easily, but for now, pace yourselves while doing everything you can to raise consciousness and awareness. Your frequency is needed more than ever, and you can use it to uplift yourselves and the rest of your planet if you feel inclined to do so.

You’ll be given more love and assistance than your evolving minds and hearts can currently handle if you do, and your flow will strengthen into eternity as you continue acting on it and making sure it never decreases.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

(Permission is given to spread this post far and wide, as long as the following bio is included.)

I’m a 21 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing mateial that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

I can also be found at Conscious Oneness, The Golden Age of Gaia, Lightworkers.org, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness), and Twitter.

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27 de enero del 2012


Queridas Expresiones en Tierra de nuestro UNO,

Por favor recuerden que la mente se contrae y expande a medida que se usa. Su mente se contrae cuando piensan de una manera tridimensional, pero se expande cuando piensan de forma multidimensional. Pueden realmente sentir la diferencia. Piensen sobre un deber tridimensional u obligación… Pueden sentir cómo su cara y su cuerpo se contrae?...

Ahora piensen sobre una experiencia multidimensional. Comiencen con una experiencia que parecer ser tridimensional pero que abraza la naturaleza multidimensional…

Sientan cómo se relajan. De hecho, pueden sentirse inclinados a tomar una larga exhalación.

Es la obligación puesta en ustedes por la ilusión de otros, así como línea de tiempo que debe cumplirse que crea la constricción del pensamiento tridimensional. Por otro lado, el pensamiento multidimensional, que también incluye sus responsabilidades 3 D, le permite a su conciencia una perspectiva más elevada y un lugar interior para relajarse.

Inhalen al pensar de forma tridimensional y sientan cómo su mente se contrae…Piensen en las cuentas que tiene que pagar y cómo se contrae su mente…

Ahora exhalen y piensen multidimensionalmente y sientan cómo se expande su mente…
Piensen en una visita de un Ser de Luz y sientan cómo su mente se expande…

Sigan estos pensamientos multidimensionales a medida que los llevan en un viaje cósmico hacia lo desconocido. Sin embargo, esto desconocido es lo “bien conocido” para las elevadas expresiones de su SER que están disfrutando las ondas dimensionales de la realidad más allá de la ilusión del tiempo. Sientan cómo estas ondas de pensamientos se mueven arriba y abajo a medida que ondulan a través de la mente. Pronto estas ondas de pensamiento no pueden más ser encapsuladas en su pequeño cerebro y deben aventurarse fuera:

En la Mente Colectiva de toda la Humanidad…
Luego en la Mente Planetaria de Gaia…
Y en la Mente Galáctica de la Vía Láctea…
Luego ellas se remontan en la Mente Universal del Universo Local…
Y se instalan en la Mente Cósmica de Todo lo que ES…

A medida que siguen estas Ondas mentales extraen información de las moléculas de realidad a través de las cuales ustedes han viajado. Sientan esas moléculas mientras las vuelven a visitar:

La Mente Colectiva de la Humanidad…
La Mente Planetaria de Gaia…
La Mente Galáctica de la Vía Láctea…
La Mente Universal del Universo Local…
La Mente Cósmica de Todo lo que Es…

Al volver a visitar estas grandes Mentes, su mente se expande en pura conciencia. Conciencia sin el estorbo de ninguna clase de encasillamiento, como el cerebro o hasta su mente. Su conciencia personal está relacionada con su actual encarnación. Por el contrario, su conciencia multidimensional se entremezcla con la "respiración" de los seres que NO han tenido modo de realización de milenio o en algunos casos, nunca han tenido una forma. A medida que permiten a su conciencia entremezclarse con estas no formas, Seres que nunca han conocido limitaciones, pueden sentir su energía fluyendo a través suyo como una brisa tibia.

A medida que respiran en esta conciencia, las memorias de vidas tras vidas son llevadas a la superficie de su conciencia de manera que puedan ustedes tomar sus regalos y liberarlas con su exhalación. NO junten estas memorias, porque los ligan al modelo dualístico de la realidad, que ahora ustedes están liberando. Por lo tanto, exhalen todas esas imágenes, sentimientos y pensamientos en el campo colectivo de energía que han experimentado en muchas vidas tridimensionales. Estas memorias que se desvanecen son lavadas en las costas del UNO Fuente , para disfrutar sus innumerables experiencias de encarnación.

Con la liberación , su conciencia se expande aún más y encuentran que están entre los que han supervisado muchas encarnaciones. Sienten su gran conciencia mezclarse con las suyas, a medida que flotan a través de un infinito océano de luz. En esta mezcla, ustedes reciben imágenes, pensamientos y emociones de sus innumerables encarnaciones en las realidades superiores. No tratan de contener estas sensaciones, las dejan fluir a través de su conciencia como la luz del atardecer entre de los árboles.

Los “árboles” representan sus varias encarnaciones dimensionales elevadas y la luz es el campo de energía, el cual fluye a través de cada experiencia permitiéndoles compartir su realidad con el UNO. El UNO respira en sus innumerables experiencias y las comparte con la conciencia de Todo Lo que Es. De esta manera, todas las respiraciones vitales son como un gran Ser que inhala las realidades de su creación y habita cada experiencia con su exhalación cósmica. Se dan cuenta ahora como TODA la realidad es UN Ser que respira con infinitas experiencias personales? Cada persona física, lugar o cosa sirve como Portal mediante el cual el UNO experimenta los mundos de la forma.

De regreso en la tercera dimensión, en un pequeño planeta llamado Tierra en el Sistema Solar y la Galaxia conocida como Vía Láctea, una luz se está expandiendo más allá del planeta más allá del Sistema Solar y más allá de la Galaxia. Una pequeña luz que una vez era limitada a una forma de arcilla, se ha liberado de su confinamiento y se dispara más allá de todo lo que la constreñía. Esta pequeña luz se junta a muchas otras luces similares para formar un brillo. A medida que más y más luces son liberadas de su confinamiento, el brillo comienza a ser un gran faro de luz que guía otras pequeñas luces a ser libres de sus formas de baja frecuencia.

Gradualmente, las frecuencias de separación se mezclan con las frecuencias de unidad para crear un Flujo de Ascensión que se vuelve irresistible. Incluso aquellos que han estado atrapados en las ilusiones del tiempo y la separación por milenios están despertando a este Constante Flujo de Amor Incondicional. Un océano de luz está elevándose, ya que todo lo que estaba separado esta retornando a lo que es UNO. El UNO está llamando sus voluntarios a Casa en su SER. Ustedes han servido al UNO creando nuevas realidades, las cuales contribuyen al UNO a su retorno.
Mientras el Océano de Luz fluye de regreso a su fuente, lo que no puede ser incorporado en la nueva onda de realidad es liberado.

Que necesitarán liberar para unirse a esta onda? Qué necesitarán liberar para respirar el Aliento Cósmico y ser UNO con las riberas de su nueva realidad? Estas preguntas sólo pueden ser respondidas desde lo profundo de su Conocimiento Interior. Están en el proceso de elegir liberar lo que ha sido dejado atrás, lo que les ha hecho sufrir. La elección puede parecer clara, pero el sufrimiento ha sido su mejor amibo. Cuando sufrían eran una “buena persona”. Ustedes NO eran aquellos que hacían sufrir “ a otros”. En efecto, pelearon contra aquellos que crearon sufrimiento. Pero ahora, ustedes son UNO. Son UNO con el sufrimiento y con aquellos que lo crearon.

Pueden liberar aquel sufrimiento y recordar el sentimiento de la Luz a medida que los nutre, informa, protege y expande su conciencia? El sufrimiento los ata a lo que temen. Para ser libres del sufrimiento , deben liberar lo que les ata liberando TODOS los miedos. Si, miedo y sufrimiento han sido sus mejores amigos. Les han dicho que son buenas personas y que están tratando durante de ser mejores.

Pero ahora ustedes SABEN que siempre fueron mejores y buenos. En efecto, saben que los términos “bueno” y “mejor”, y hasta el término “sufrimiento” son TODOS ilusiones de la realidad que ha llegado a su completud. Pueden elegir liberarse de todo el miedo y SENTIR la Luz a medida que fluye a través suyo con cada respiración? Esta elección suena como una solución simple, pero el miedo y el sufrimiento han sido su “ roja insignia de valor” por la mayoría de sus encarnaciones terrestres. Cómo liberan aquello que los ha hecho buenos?....

By Suzzane Lie.PhD


Traducción al español para Memorias de Arcturus - Shanti

( Por favor respete los créditos)
Publicado 3rd February 2012 por Juan Pablo
Etiquetas: despertarexpansión multidimensional de la concienciamente cosmicamente galácticamente planetariasiendo arcturiano

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